Digital Ultrasonic series

Model:EGW-2025 / EGW-1535

Digital Ultrasonic series

Automatic Frequency Tracking of Digital Ultrasonic series.

Use high performance Microprocessor to achieve control by digitalization. All parameter of welding control managed by microcomputer and plus intellectual frequency control system to eliminate inconvenience occurred by manual.

Auto-ultrasonic inspection can tracking the best resonance all the time. Machine can make adjustment automatically for ultrasonic and follow frequency changing by temperature of mold to keep the suitable temperature for transducer set.

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Category: Digital Ultrasonic
Model EGW-2025 EGW-1535 EGW-1548    
Frequency 20KHZ 15KHZ 15KHZ    
Output Power 2500W 3500W 4800W    
Welding Capability 140 ~160  m/m φ 180 ~ 230 m/m φ 230 ~ 280 m/m φ    
Dimension 680 x 530 x 1568 mm 680 x 530 x 1568 mm 750 x 940 x 1980 mm    
Net Weight 120 kg 120 kg 300 kg    
Line Source 220V 10A 1P 220V 10A 1P 220V 10A 1P