Ultrasonic Automation Machine - Slitting Equipment


The Ultrasonic Automation Machine - Slitting Equipment uses ultrasonic technology to slitting, to get better welding quality to apply in label (garment), Nylon magic label (fastener tape)...etc.


  • Ultrasonic Automation Machine Features

    • Provided wasted fabric collecting device.

    • Automation design provided saving labor cost, sable quality and fast speed.

    • Material feeding sensor measured when he label roll finished.

    • Edge sensor control system approved slitting label precision.

    • Replaced traditional hot knife slitting, never occurred over melt, rough edge and preheating required.

    • Accessory portable welder used to connect new label roll for to go on operation, during he label roll finished.

    • Use ultrasonic technology to slitting, to get better welding quality.

    • Full automation, safe man power, quality stable, high speed production.

    • Edge search design, can precise label slitting.

    • Non-material stop device with a margin unit can easy connect material together.

    • Computerize display control device, and special design of roller blade, easy to operator and adjust.

  • Ultrasonic Automation Machine Application

    • Label (garment), Nylon magic label (fastener tape), textile, Non-woven...etc.

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Category: Textile
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Ultrasonic Automation Machine
Dimension 1,285 x 800 x 910 mm
Frequency 20KHZ
Capacity 16M
Max. Working Width Below 11 cuts
Elec. Source 220VAC 3Ø 10A
Output Power 1,400W
Motor 90W*1 25W*1
Air Requirement 1 HP
Net Weight 180 kg