NonWoven Converting Machine

Model:EGN-2014A - Blanking Mask Making


The nonwoven converting machine is especially manufactured for blanking mask making. With special mechanism design, the equipment can make the blanking mask with stable quality more efficiency. For different specifications, the operation mode of the nonwoven converting machine is easy to adjust to fit the demands. And it's not complicate to operate at all; one person is enough for operating this product. The nonwoven converting machine, it's the equipment that could provide better quality and less human resource for you.


  • Require material

    • Nose strip (10mm/pc)

    • First layer:

      • Width: 170mm

      • Length: 175mm

      • Spec.: 25g

    • Second layer

      • Width: 170mm

      • Length: 175mm

      • Spec.: melt brown

    • Third layer

      • Width: 200mm

      • Length: 175mm

      • Spec.: 30g

  • Require operator: 1 person/equipment


  • Features of the NonWoven Converting Machine

    • For multi-layer non-woven mask production.

    • Feeding and production automatically.

    • Special roller and roller blade design, long-wearing, longer life.

    • High productivity, stable quality, easy adjustment.

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Category: Non-Woven
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Model EGN-2014A
Dimension 5,050 x 700 x 1,750 mm
Frequency 20KHZ
Capacity 100 ~ 120 pcs/min
Max. Working Width 90*175 / 95*175 mm
Elec. Source 220VAC 3Ø 2.5Kw 15A
Output Power 1,400W
Motor 1 HP
Air Requirement 1 HP
Net Weight 630 kg