Computerized Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine

Model:EGA-2014 / EGA-1518 / EGA-1522 / EGA-1526

The computerized ultrasonic plastic welding machine is high frequency die electric heater type invaluable for all (plastic) PVC applications / blind embossing. The computerized ultrasonic plastic welding machine is applied in toys, household, electronics, electrical industry, automobile industry...etc.


  • Features

    • Micro computer control system: Precision position.

    • Four different nests memory: Efficient function.

    • Auto trouble checking: Trouble display and alarm system.

    • Horn frequency checking: check the normal horn frequency.

    • Moveable electric control box.

    • Self-check function (Display machine breakdown & alarm notify, easy to eliminate any breakdown).

    • With hoister design, no need to use hand to rotate.

    • Four different nests memory (Can memorize 4 set of mould setting).

  • Application

    • Toys: Remote car & boat, plastic doll, toy gun, water gun, TV game, phone...etc.

    • Household: Washer balance ring, computer, TV shell, remote unit, steam iron.

    • Electronics: Cassette case, video case, calculator, disc.

    • Electrical industry: Connector, transformer, relay.

    • Automobile industry: Head light, tail light, brake light, lunch box, rearview, oil filter.

    • Food industry: Thermos-bottle, thermos cup, food container.

    • Stationery: Pencil case, PP file, staple, ink bottle, pen stand.

    • Other: Christmas decoration ornament, hair decoration ornament, surgery mask.

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Category: Plastic
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Model EGA-2014 EGA-1518 EGA-1522 EGA-1526
Frequency 20KHZ 15KHZ 15KHZ 15KHZ
Output Power 1,400W 1,800W 2,200W 2,600W
Welding Capability 130 m/m φ 160 ~ 200 m/m φ 160 ~ 200 m/m φ 160 ~ 200 m/m φ
Dimension 410 x 690 x 1,100 mm 410 x 690 x 1,100 mm 410 x 690 x 1,100 mm 410 x 690 x 1,100 mm
Net Weight 130 kg 135 kg 135 kg 135 kg
Line Source 220V 10A 1P 220V 15A 3P  220V 12A 3P  220V 20A 3P