Ultrasonic Soft Tube Sealing Machine

Model:Ultrasonic Soft Tube Sealing Machine

        This is a semi-automatic ultrasonic machine with versatile functions. In relation to the function of fill, sealed as well as positioning are the main characteristics of this sophisticated machine. Easy to operated, durable and high efficiency that also enhance the performance. The capacity of this exceptional machine is up to 40 pcs / per minute.



  • Line Source: 220V AC 3P

  • Ultrasonic System: 20 KHz / 1,400W

  • Air Pressure: 7KG/CM²

  • Capacity: 40 PCS / Minute

  • Lead Time: 60 Working Days

  • Weight: 220KG

  • Dimension: 1,114 L * 920 W * 1,780 H (mm)


  • Related Soft Tube of Engine and Machine Oil

  • All Food, Cosmetic, Medical related products

  • Artificial feed in material with automatic return. 


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