Ear-Loop Sealing Machine


The Ear-Loop sealing machine is for multi-layer non-woven mask production and offers high productivity, stable quality, and easy adjustment.


  • Require material

    • Elastic band

      • Length: 180mm x 2 pcs

    • Side sealing

      • Width: 20mm

      • Length: 80mm

      • Spec.: 20-25g

  • Require operator: 2 person/machine (one is for feeding, the other one is for packaged)


  • Features

    • For multi-layer non-woven mask production.

    • Feeding and production automatically.

    • Special roller and roller blade design, long-wearing, longer life.

    • High productivity, stable quality, easy adjustment.

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Category: Non-Woven
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Model EGN-2014C
Dimension 4,000 x 900 x 1,600 mm
Frequency 20KHZ
Capacity 20 ~ 30 pcs/min
Max. Working Width 90*175 / 95*175 mm
Elec. Source 220VAC 1Ø 15A
Output Power 1,400W
Motor 1/2 HP
Air Requirement 1 HP
Net Weight 340 kg