Digital Ultrasonic High Power Welding Machine


Feature of Digital generator box 

1.  High Reliability : Use 100% digital integrated circuit and simplify hardware to enhance reliability of system.

2.  Automatic Frequency tracking : Digital frequency combination technology combine with digital frequency tracking to eliminate inconvenience occurred by manual. Benefit to parameter adjusting and control welding result easily.

3. Strong Strength : Use IGBT module and working with oscillatory circuit , output power is 1.5times from traditional circuit.

4.  Data Storage : Capable of memorizing 100 sets of welding parameter into system. Figure out the best parameter in each set of mold and save it on machine for replacing mold in each job to choose suitable parameter easily.

5.  Intellectual protect device : Mold current protection , Frequency shift protection, Output protection.

When equipment is breakdown, ultrasonic will stop working right way. And will show alarm for reason until technical person remove it.

6.  Intellectual closed loop with amplitude control technology : No influenced by power resource and load condition. Keep amplitude output stable.

7.  Welding Mode : Two of different welding mode to make up for traditional’ s detective. Precision and effective more better.

8. Power Adjustable: Power can be increased and decreased during the adjustment process. Also ,it can be fine adjustment. To solve over welding and strength issue. Range of setting is 10%~100%.

9. Welding Data management: Able to connect with computer for storage (Option)

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Category: Digital Ultrasonic
Model EGW-1548        
Frequency 15KHZ        
Output Power 4,800W        
Welding Capability 230 ~ 280 m/m φ        
Dimension 750 x 940 x 1980 mm        
Net Weight 300kg        
Line Source 220V 10A 1P