Ever Green Ultrasonic Co., Ltd.

Established in 1991, Ever Green Ultrasonic is the longest joint venture company in Asia and plans to occupy the largest NonWoven Converting Machine market share across the world. The team at Ever Green uses an abundant amount of resources in setting up multiple manufacture locations and service points to satisfy our customers with the fastest service and most excellent quality. In order to continuously accomplishing these goals, Ever Green has made automation and customization machinery a priority in order to maintain a step ahead of the competition.


Ever Green Group has three NonWoven Converting Machine manufacturing plants and over 30 sales and service points worldwide. Headquartered for manufacturing is situated in the city of Taipei, Taiwan with additional manufacturing locations in China, India and Thailand. Ever Green Ultrasonic works around the clock to provide the finest quality in ultrasonic machinery and agile service to meet and exceed customer expectations. With the same goal o everyone’s mind, to work together with our customers to maintain reputable long term relationships and provide them with excellent customer service whenever it is needed. In the final phases of our plan, we intend to set up service points in every essential corner of the world with our well-known engineer training to spread Ever Green’s word of “Ultrasonic.”

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